Cost Control Management Software in Dubai, UAE, GCC, ME

Budgeting and Planning Software for construction Industries.

Budgeting & cost controls are vitally very important tools in all phases of a construction.Budgeting and planning is an essential module for construction projects. Budgeting, the amount of money that is available to spend over a period of time. It includes an outline plan for how that money will be spent, and a breakdown of the items it will be spent on. Cost Control Management Software in Planning and estimation module has a strategy for proficiently combining all of the resources needed for production. It is a key technique for cost planning in construction. For a bigger budget project, probably get more people to do and the project more quickly and deliver more. This module should helps for a piece of work to be done or undertaken any business, and enables for setting up the complete project with all kinds of resources. With construction budgeting and Planning software from CIMSERP System, successfully manage your budget of each project and protect your business is always on the right track.

CostControl Management Software UAE

Processes at a glance :

  • Detailed rate analysis against BOQs
  • Import of BOQ to Excel
  • Define direct & in-direct cost structures
  • Plan accrued and deferred expenses
  • Integration with MS-Project for scheduling
  • Sharing work break-down from other projects
  • Maintenance of contractual terms as attributes instead of simple text

Documents / Reports:

  • Project Cost Abstract
  • Activity-specific Cost Analysis
  • Resource Schedule
  • Billing Schedule

Screen Shots in Budgeting and Planning